Educational visits to Finland

MNMA in Turku University of Applied Sciences

Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy High Management Finland Visit 2018, invitator, organizer, funder, Friends of East-Africa Finland Trade & Education association

University of Iringa

EAFTA President Dr. Vesa V. Viitaniemi and Vice President Mr Jaakko Heininen visiting University of Iringa in 2018. Dr. Vesa started journey with Christian University of Iringa already in 2010, as a President of Finnish Businessmen Mission Union and decisions of aid for University Library's digitalization.

University of Iringa

UOI High Management in Finland

EAFTA with Friends are organizing, funding and invitating Educational visits to Finland -Pro Bono- in picture UOI High Managment at Turku University's premises. EAFTA is developing entrepreneurship education in Africa, as a remedy for high youth unemployment there.