General Info

East-Africa Trade - Education and Peace Organization . EAFTA is a non-profit organization that aims to promote dialogue and cooperation between the countries of East Africa and Finland. Our main areas of focus are entrepreneurship education, humanitarian activities, and peace efforts. One of our key initiatives is the East-Africa Finland Chamber, part of the East-Africa Finland Trade (Education and Peace) Association (EAFTA) , est. 2017, which serves as a platform for networking and collaboration between businesses, organizations and individuals in East Africa and Finland. Through this chamber, we aim to foster trade and investment opportunities, as well as cultural exchange and understanding between these two regions. In addition to promoting economic ties, EAFTA also works towards improving education in East Africa.

Itä- Afrikka Suomi Kauppayhdistys ry ja työnimemme East-Africa Finland Chamber on vuonna 2017 perustettu organisaatio, jonka tavoitteena on edistää Pohjois-Etelä -dialogia tukemalla yrittäjyyskasvatusta, humanitaarisia toimintoja ja rauhanponnisteluja yleisesti ja erilaisissa yksityiskohtaisissa projekteissa.